What is Paternity?

Family law includes the determination of paternity; a case where we must know whether the alleged father is the biological father of a child. We represent both mothers and fathers in paternity cases in South Florida. A man may be a presumptive father, a putative father, a prospective father, or an unmarried biological father, and yet have no rights other than notice of proceedings with respect to the child. If the child is born to a woman who is married to someone other than the man in question, he may be entitled to even less.

How Do I Determine Paternity?

Paternity requires either the father's acknowledgement that he is the biological father or a scientific blood test that reflects paternity with nearly 100 percent certainty. Sometimes, even if the paternity test result is positive, it may be necessary for us to go before a judge and prove with scientific evidence that the test results are incorrect.

Once the paternity of a child is proven, we then need to address issues such as child support, parental responsibility and a time-sharing schedule. In some cases, we may use a mental health professional, Guardian Ad Litem, or other third party to help us establish the relationship between the father and child.

Paternity cases in the State of Florida may include child support, time-sharing and parenting plans for either parent, which can be determined through mediation or litigation. We know that these are difficult cases that are highly emotional and the attorneys of Hertz Sager, will treat your case with care and understanding to reach a resolution that is in the best interest of your child.

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